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JOAN COLLINS’ “Dynasty” was great fun, really amazing, hitting the dressing-up box every morning’

Posted: 12:00 a.m. Friday, April 18, 2014
You’ve got 15 minutes on the phone with Joan Collins, legendary actress, memoirist, cosmetics mogul and iconic argument for the Fountain of Youth. And your mind is completely blown right off the bat that you might address someone of the aforementioned description as simply as that: “Joan.”
It seems wrong. So you say so.
“Well, that’s up to you, then,” she says, bemusedly but politely — always politely. “I don’t really care.”
And that’s the kind of refreshing frankness that promises to be on display at the Seminole Coconut Creek on Friday during “One Night With Joan Collins,” the well-received one-woman show she’s been doing around the globe for several years.
 — Best known as “Dynasty’s” shoulder-pad-wearing glamazon Alexis Morell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan — culls some of the highlights of her 60-plus year career in a constantly changing collection of stories.
In our 15 minutes, she talks about the famous friend who inspired the show, the six-week job that became a nine-year career definer, and why you should never call her a diva. Just. Don’t.
I understand that the idea for your show came from dinner with Gregory Peck. Before that, had you been wondering what to do with all those stories you had?
“I had written two autobiographies by then, so I had done a lot with them. But it was Greg, who had been doing a tour of his one-man show, who gave me the idea. These shows have apparently become quite prevalent. I saw Billy Crystal do his, and it was magnificent.”
Has your live show changed over the years?
“We’ve been doing it since 2008, and it’s morphed into several different versions. Once I had done it about 2,090 times — I did it many, many times in London at the same theater — we changed some of the stories. We cut and paste and edit and put new things in. It’s always like a work in progress.”
Does any specific story get a reaction that you didn’t expect?
“Not really. The reaction to everything ‘Dynasty’ is always amazing, particularly because we included some very funny outtakes. Sometimes the audiences are really hysterical, laughing extremely appreciatively everytime I say something. Some audiences are more sober, just here to hear the stories, and they don’t really want to laugh. It’s interesting to go to another venue and see what you’re gonna get.
Obviously you’re known for “Dynasty” but there are so many other things, like the episode you did of the original “Star Trek” series. What do you get recognized for the most?
“I’m not kind of walking the streets. I live in North Hollywood, on the cusp of Beverly Hills. When I go out I’m usually in a car. I do walk about quite a bit, but in Los Angeles people are pretty cool. They’re used to seeing celebrities. In London, where I live as well, if I go down to Oxford Street, or the King’s Road, I will get recognized a lot. There are a lot of tourists in London.
When you first signed on to do “Dynasty,” did you have any idea how iconic it was going to be?
“Not a clue. My agent called me and said, ‘There’s a part that was offered to Sophia Loren, and she turned it down. I think they’ll need you for about six weeks.’ I thought, ‘Six weeks in the California sunshine?’ and off I went, thinking that it was going to be six or eight weeks. And nine years later, it came to an end.”
I interviewed Diahann Carroll several years ago, and she said “Dynasty” was the most fun she’d had in her career, wearing beautiful clothes and pretending to slap and throw drinks on people.
“I do agree. It was great fun, really amazing, hitting the dressing-up box every morning. Nolan Miller, who was the designer, and I had a huge rapport with each other, and we’d discuss every article of clothing before I wore it. I was very into what I was wearing. I was the one who said, ‘These big shoulder pads that are just being brought out by Pierre Cardin in Paris? We should start using them more.’ And Nolan used them then. That was the beginning of 1983, and that silhouette became iconic.”
The term “diva” has been associated with you for decades. What does that mean to you?
“I don’t think it’s a very flattering word. It means a spoiled b——-. It should not mean that. It should mean a great opera singer like Maria Callas.
So no one should call you that.
“Not to my face, darling. If they do it behind my back, I don’t care.”
Noted. So, one of the things that strikes me about “Dynasty,” looking back, is that it featured people in their 40s, 50s and 60s as glamorous, romantic, sexy people, and you just don’t see that much.
“Not anymore. I think that the world today is youth-obsessed, which is pretty pathetic, since the life expectancy today is 80, 85. Every time I talk to a friend, I’m going to a 100th birthday celebration. It’s nothing I have a lot to say about, but I just know that my agent told me that there were 120 pilots being made this season, and I said ‘Interesting. Is there anything for me?’ And he said, ‘there are only two significant roles for women over the age of 60.’ And that’s about it for show business today.”
So what’s next? Are you touring the show some more?
“I’m taking the summer off — I have a house in the south of France — so I can be with my children and grandchildren, and I’m making a lot of appearances on QVC for my new makeup line. I’m going to be very, very busy. I don’t really want to tour it anymore. There are five or six times I am doing it around the time of Thanksgiving, in places I particularly want to go to. I really love Florida. There are so many places I have been asked to where I’ve said, ‘I don’t want to go there, thank you!’ It’s a labor of love.”
Well, we hope that you love it here and want to come back.
“I love Florida, so I already know I will!”
One Night With Joan Collins, Seminole Coconut Creek Casino, Friday, 8 p.m. (800) 653-8000.

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THE LADY .. APRIL 11TH 2014 ..

The ever-elegant Joan Collins shares her beauty secrets with Fiona Hicks and says that while you can’t stop getting older, you can stop getting old anyone can develop glamour
Written by Fiona Hicks
There is no denying it: Joan Collins is synonymous with glamour. In an industry renowned for its unforgiving standards, the British screen siren has thrived for more than 60 years. What’s more, while many of her contemporaries have surrendered to the perils of the plastic-surgeon’s knife, Ms Collins maintains that she is ageing naturally.
So how does she do it? And more pertinently, can the rest of us ladies do likewise? First and foremost, she says, you must look after your skin. ‘Caring for your skin should be as easy and natural as brushing your teeth,’ states Joan. ‘If your skin is in poor condition, no amount of make-up will make you look your best. If you look after it, as I have looked after mine, you will be rewarded.’

What’s more, it’s never too late to start. ‘After 40, you undoubtedly get the face you deserve,’ she adds with a smile. ‘But you are never too young or too old to care for your skin.’

Joan has been fascinated by cosmetics ever since she was a teenager growing up in London, but the interest really set in when she made the move to sunny Hollywood in 1955. ‘I have been a passionate advocate of shielding the skin since I first went to Hollywood, where I was made aware of the damaging effect of the sun,’ she says. ‘Since then I have worn hats, big sunglasses and used SPFs to protect my face as much as possible.’

Keeping out of harsh rays is key, but Joan’s dedication does not stop there. ‘Moisturise your skin every day, religiously. Don’t soap your face and always use the mildest possible one for the body.’ Joan Collins beauty secrets

It is this healthy, clear, cared-for skin that makes such a good canvas for make-up – and Joan’s look is iconic. ‘When I made The Stud and then The Bitch in the late 1970s, I invented a look that I’ve stuck to more or less ever since: big hair, smoky eyes, and bright lipstick. So when Dynasty and Alexis Carrington came along in the 1980s, her look was already in place – it was mine.’

She is unabashed in how she describes this look. ‘It’s glamorous! I realised that no one is born glamorous, but practically anyone can develop glamour.’

It is fitting that Joan’s beauty idols are the classic movie stars: Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Hedy Lamarr, Joan Crawford and Ava Gardner. ‘These fabulous dames really possessed glamour in spades. You can almost see and feel their allure, their power and more particularly, their fierce individuality.’

Of course, a good slick of makeup does contribute to the effect, and Joan is fortunate to have learnt from the best. ‘I picked up beauty tips from many of my fellow actors and was lucky to be taught by one of the legendary Hollywood make-up artists, Allan ‘Whitey’ Snyder, who created Marilyn Monroe’s look.’ His tips have certainly stood the test of time. In an age when call times are hours ahead of filming in order to transform the actresses, Joan takes care of herself. ‘I have always done my own make-up for films or photoshoots. Now I can do it in 10 minutes, faster and better than anyone I know.’

What a lot of women don’t realise is that the transformative power of make-up is both instant and accumulative. ‘You can enhance your features and take 10 to 15 years off your age with good make-up. It also protects your face. I can vouch for the complexions of my friends over 40 – those who have always used foundation have better skin than those who don’t.’ This is why, for Joan, a base of foundation and a dash of lipstick is her absolute minimum. ‘I wouldn’t dream of going out without either.’

Meticulous make-up aside, the remainder of her tantalising glamour stems from the dedication to spending time on herself, and her belief that she deserves it. This is a lesson that any woman can learn. ‘With classic outfits, excellent grooming and a strong sense of self, practically any woman can become, if not a charismatic Hollywood goddess, then attractive and worthy of admiration and some envy for her unique style,’ she states.

‘The so-called “natural” look is just an excuse to be lazy and undisciplined.’

It is this desire to encourage self-pampering that, after many, many years of harbouring the idea, Joan has created her own cosmetics range. Covering both skincare and make-up, Timeless Beauty is a sumptuous line of products in which everything – from the formulations to the packaging – reflects Joan’s exacting standards.

‘I really wanted a line to reflect all of the amazing experiences I have accumulated, so I made sure I was heavily involved in the creation. Every product has a little bit of me in it.

‘Never have I allowed myself to be defined by age,’ she smiles, ‘and these products are designed for someone who wants to look as good as they possibly can, no matter how old they are.’

She may be about to enter her ninth decade, but Joan Collins shows no signs of slowing down or – heaven forbid – relinquishing her cosmetics. She firmly believes that old-world glamour has a place in the modern day. ‘I am certain that looking good and feeling great is the right of every woman, and, with the right products and some clever techniques, any woman can look, and feel, fabulous.’

‘You can’t stop getting older, but you can stop getting old.’

The Joan Collins Timeless Beauty range is available from and – it is coming soon to Urban Retreat at Harrods: 020-7893 8333,

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Greg Archer Become a fan Author, journalist, TV host, professional mood-swingerJoan Collins: The Mother of All Confessions Continue     
On-screen bitchslaps aside, Joan Collins' six-decade career stands out as one of the more colorful, eventful romps to emerge from the annals of Hollywood. From 1950s ingenue to scene-stealing Alexis Carrington Colby on TV's Dynasty in the '80s -- and numerous stage appearances, not to mention two best-selling memoirs (a third is on the way) -- audiences continue to be fascinated.
The star's one-woman tell-all, "One Night With Joan" has certainly turned heads. It debuted several years ago and Collins has been touring internationally with it ever since. It runs this week at Feinstein's at the Nikko in San Francisco.
The outing certainly holds a special place in Collins' heart. It marks her return to The City, where she met husband Percy Gibson, who was a theatrical manager when she was performing "Love Letters" with George Hamilton in 2000. But the genesis of the show actually began about 15 years ago and after Collins and Gibson married in 2002, the duo began thinking more seriously about developing the project. Filled with irreverent, self-deprecating tales -- on-set encounters with the likes of Bette Davis, Marilyn Monroe, Bing Crosby, Richard Burton and others -- the show also features rare film footage as well as outtakes from Dynasty (you know, that iconic prime-time soap, which also starred John Forsythe, Linda Evans and Pamela Sue Martin and sent Collins' career soaring in the '80s.)
Collins' influence stretches beyond the festive hand tossing of Tinseltown glitter, however. Her charitable outreach -- from The National Center for Learning Disabilities to the prevention of child cruelty in the UK -- stand out. And few people may be aware of her involvement in the much-heralded Linor Abargil documentary Brave Miss World. Abargil was raped several weeks before winning Miss World in 1998. The doc chronicles her efforts to get rape survivors to discuss their experiences. Abargil met with Collins, who revealed details of her own alleged rape -- the first time on camera doing so, in fact. Collins noted that she was a 17-year-old virgin when she was drugged and raped by a "famous star."
True, that bit of news may not have made it into Collins' robust one-woman show, but it does illuminate another, perhaps more intimate, side of the icon. We caught up with each other in between stage shows where she confesses all -- more or less. Read on.
Greg Archer: The one-woman is a hit. Tell me more about it.
Joan Collins: Well, I started thinking about 15 years when I was sitting next to Gregory Peck at dinner. He had been doing a one-man show. He said, 'You really should do it. You've really had an interesting life.' I said, 'Oh, that sounds so terrifying.'" He said, 'No -- the audience is very perceptive, they will love you!' Percy and I started thinking about this years ago when we were in Acapulco with some friends. Do you know Nolan Miller, the designer, who did much of Dynasty? Nolan came up with several ideas and things just evolved.
Greg Archer: What do you sense people are enjoying most about you, the show?
Joan Collins: I tell very self-deprecating stories about various people -- Joan Crawford, Bette Davis. A lot of people. I have many different clips from films and news footage and outtakes from Dynasty, too. I think it just depends on the audience. They are like an amoeba. Some of them like just me. Some people like the clips, others like the stories I tell. Some people like the Q&A I do at the end of the show.
Greg Archer: So anything -- and everything -- left unknown about you by the end of the show is open for inquisition. Nice. Are you surprised by the show's success?
Joan Collins: [Laughs] Now... if I say yes, I sound too humble. If I say no, then I sound too full of myself. Let's just say I am enjoying it.
Greg Archer: But what is about you that people find so intriguing? What do you think?
Joan Collins: I have to tell you, I am the least analytical person that you can possibly ever meet. I have never sat down and analyzed myself. I am quite objective about myself, about where I stand on the totem pole of showbiz, and I never really think about that. I just say, 'Well, they must have very good taste -- ha ha ha!'
Greg Archer: It does sound like you're just enjoying yourself.
Joan Collins: I enjoy it all. The audience... not when somebody's telephone goes on, but I typically make a joke about it. The thing about live theater without other actresses to back you up, is that it's just me there on stage -- alone. And I have my background... but it can be a little intimidating sometimes depending on the venue. But I am sure San Francisco is going to be good. I can feel it. I did play there in... 1993? I did "Private Lives." I love the city. I enjoy the great restaurants and I have some friends there so. Time will go very fast.
Greg Archer: What has been the best thing about collaborating with your husband?
Joan Collins: Percy and I are each others' best friends. We just really get along really well. It all happens to go swimmingly. Or we wouldn't be doing it. In fact, now that I think about it, I actually met him in San Francisco at the theater. When George Hamilton and I were doing 'Love Letters.' He was the company manager.
Greg Archer: Really?
Joan Collins: Yes. In fact... one day before opening night, he said, 'Is there anything I can get you?' And I said, 'Yes, I have run out of eyeliner. Could you possibly get it?' He said sure, and off he went. When he came back with mascara, I looked at it and said, 'What's this? I guess you're not gay are you?' We got married two years later in February of 2002.
Greg Archer: Nice. So, the entertainment business has changed dramatically since Dynasty aired. What do you think is the secret to longevity and 'relevance?'
Joan Collins: You don't give up. You have to care about the business. You have to care about work. You have to accept constant, constant rejection -- in some way or another. You have to enjoy the fact that you are in a great business and having had career that's lasted -- oh my gosh -- five or six decades. There aren't that many people that have had that.
Greg Archer: Very few. You are in a rare bunch.
Joan Collins: You know, sometimes I look at a black-and-white movie on TV and I'm saying, 'Oh yeah, there's Laurence Harvey, Stanley Baker, Margaret Leighton -- they're all dead. Oh my God, everybody's dead. Now, who's that young girl? That teenager?' And then I realize, 'Oh, it's me!' I was always the youngest when I came in [in the '50s] and known as 'the girl,' and the cameraman would say, 'Put the light on 'the girl!'
Greg Archer: Any thoughts on how the business has evolved in 25, 30, 35 years?
Joan Collins: It's very tough for actresses. I was just talking to agents and they were looking at scripts for pilot season and out of 100 scripts, there are only two roles for women in their fifties and sixties. Only two. And I think that you have to have a second strength, which is why I started writing books and involved myself with charities and theater -- and not sitting around and waiting for the phone to ring and your agent to say, 'Hey guess what, they are going to re-do Dynasty.'
Greg Archer: You keep going.
Joan Collins: I have a great life. I have this wonderful husband and terrific children and adorable grandchildren. I really enjoy my life.
Greg Archer: So, when you look back at Dynasty ...
Joan Collins: A great show of its time. Absolutely fabulous. I don't think it would necessarily work today. And I don't think that Breaking Bad would work 30 years ago. The business has changed. Audiences now like to watch a lot of blood and gore and murder.
Greg Archer: One last thing. What's some of the best advice you have ever been given about life?
Joan Collins: [Laughs]. That you have to eat life... or life will eat you!
Visit Feinstein's at the Nikko for 411 on Collins' show, April 10 and 11

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Tune into The Talk on Wednesday 9th April as Joan will be the special guest in advance of her sellout two night run at Feinstein's at The Hotel Nikko in San Francisco this coming Friday & Saturday...

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KATE O'MARA 1939 - 2014

Joan Collins pays tribute to Dynasty 'sister' Kate O'Mara

Joan Collins has paid tribute on Twitter to her Dynasty co-star Kate O'Mara, who has died at the age of 74.
Joan, who played Alexis Colby to O'Mara's Cassandra "Caress" Morrell in the popular 1980s US soap, tweeted:


Tragic news about Kate O Mara , we had great fun on Dynasty when she played my sister Caress who Alexis insisted on calling CASSIE ! RIP

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Joan's latest TV role... QVC's best-selling beauty queen: Products from actress's range sell out within an hour of appearing on the shopping channel

  • Her Timeless Beauty collection includes £23 foundation and £25.50 lipstick
  • QVC claims customers desperate to recreate look from 1980s series Dynasty
  • Appearance follows TV commercials for Snickers and Marks and Spencer
    By Laura Cox
Products from her Timeless Beauty line for shopping channel QVC have proved so popular that many sold out within an hour of her first appearance this month.
Diva: Shopping channel QVC says viewers have rushed to imitate the look worn by Joan Collins
Familiar face: The star's appearance followed adverts for Snickers in which she poked fun at her reputation
A £23 foundation, a crystal compact mirror at £33, a lipstick for £25.50 and a £32 ‘eyelift in a bottle’ all proved best-sellers for Miss Collins, as viewers rushed to copy her glamorous Hollywood style.
And three subsequent shows on the satellite channel saw two other products sell out within the hour – a fragrance called I am Woman, priced at £21, and a £17 Fade To Perfect concealer.
Miss Collins has picked up a number of beauty tricks and tips throughout her lengthy career – including from Marilyn Monroe’s make-up artist Allan Snyder – and no doubt will have encompassed many into her 18-piece range.
Yesterday, QVC’s senior beauty buyer Sandra Vallow explained that customers were desperate to recreate the glamour of Miss Collins as Alexis Carrington Colby in Dynasty during her 1980s heyday.
She said: ‘Who wouldn’t want to own an Alexis lipstick? The QVC beauty buying team were so excited to be launching the Joan Collins cosmetics collection and it didn’t disappoint.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty range - Lip & Nail Collection (£25)Joan Collins timeless beauty range (mirror)
Star: Miss Collins, pictured with her new range, was named England's most beautiful girl at the age of 18
‘With six sell-out products it just shows that Joan’s glamour and beauty is inspiring for customers of all ages.’
Miss Collins was just 18 when she was voted the Most Beautiful Girl in England by the Photographers Association.
She made her name as a Hollywood star in her 20s, and went on to land the role of Alexis in 1981, when she was 48. Although the beauty range is a first for Miss Collins, she has also put her name to several popular novels she has penned.
Most recently she took part in a Snickers advertisement, in which she poked fun at her reputation for being a diva. And she has appeared in a number of other commercials, including one for high street retailer Marks and Spencer.
Her latest venture makes her one of a number of stars to have enjoyed success selling products on QVC, which has seen a turn-around in its fortunes from the days when it was dismissed as a poor alternative to the high street.
Joan Collins

The star was 22 when she headed to Hollywood and landed sultry roles in several popular films, including The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing (1955) and Rally ’Round the Flag, Boys! (1958).
While she continued to make films in the US and the UK throughout the 1960s, her career languished in the 1970s, where she appeared in a number of horror movies.
Near the end of the decade, she starred in two films based on best-selling novels by her younger sister Jackie.
Returning to her theatrical roots, she also played the title role in the 1980 British revival of The Last of Mrs. Cheyney and later had a lead role in the 1990 revival of Noel Coward’s Private Lives.
She won a Golden Globe  Award for Best Actress in 1982  and received a star on the  Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1983 for career achievement.
Joan Collins
British actress Joan Collins

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Joan is currently in Barbados to be part of the 2014 Virgin Atlantic Holder's Season of events and opened the festival with a sell-out performance of 'One Night With Joan'.. Among those attending to help celebrate with an aftershow drink were Jack Rich & Cliff Richard...

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THE DAILY MAIL ... MARCH 18TH 2014 ...

By Bianca London

She's a red carpet stalwart renowned for her timeless beauty and glamour and now Joan Collins is using the years of expertise she's accumulated to launch her own beauty range.
Joan, who learned all her techniques from Marilyn Monroe's make-up artist, Allan 'Whitey' Snyder, has curated Joan Collins Timeless Beauty for QVC.
The actress hopes her new range of skincare, fragrance and make-up will bring 'sophisticated, attainable and effective beauty to women of all ages'.
Absolutely fabulous! Joan Collins, 80, has launched a range of skin creams, fragrances and make-up for QVC
'Beauty is not just for the young,' she said. 'I believe with a little care and attention any woman can look good through her 40s, 50s, 70s and beyond.
'Looking good and feeling great is the right of every woman no matter how old she is. Beauty is timeless.'
Joan's new range, which is priced between £12 - £50, comprises a skincare regime, which she says contains a complex range of cutting edge anti-ageing ingredients that aim to achieve the results she demands for her own skin.
There are also lipsticks, nail varnishes, blushers, eyeshadow, fragrances, as well as crystal-embellished tools and accessories.
One for the women: The actress hopes her new range of skincare, fragrance and make-up will bring 'sophisticated, attainable and effective beauty to women of all ages'
In an exclusive interview with You magazine, the former Dynasty star revealed: 'I have always worn sun protection, and have kept my face away from harmful rays since I was 20.
'You should see me when I wake up  in the morning: my face is so white, it’s like a sheet.'
Extensive: Joan's new range, which is priced between £12-£50, comprises a skincare regime, fragrance and make-up
Extensive: Joan's new range, which is priced between £12-£50, comprises a skincare regime, fragrance and make-up
The five-times-married actress added that it takes her 'no time at all' to transform into a glamour queen: 'Half an hour for a full face with lashes. I shove it on - that’s why it’s called slap.'
Ms Collins also works out with a personal trainer twice a week and swims every day, yet admits: 'I’m  a chocoholic - but I believe that moderation is the key.'
She adds that she has never defined her style by her age, saying: 'I’ll wear a leather skirt - even a bikini - if I want to. Clothes are my passion and I adore them.'


For as long as I can remember I’ve loved a diva. I’m not talking about the Britney school of diva-dom.
When I was old enough to find out that Elizabeth Taylor had released a fragrance - White Diamonds - I became obsessed with her and it.
The beauty of White Diamonds is that once you have a whiff, you can immediately imagine that that is EXACTLY how Elizabeth Taylor smelled: heady, super-sweet and fabulously floral.
Fast forward 23 years, and Taylor’s friend Joan Collins is having quite the comeback. She is the face of Snickers, appeared on Benidorm, launched a wig line and now…her very own beauty collection complete with signature fragrance – I AM WOMAN. What I love about it, and White Diamonds for that matter, is that they are unapologetic in their extreme femininity. They totally overthrow the garden salad minimalism that a lot of fragrances now bow to.
Simon has tried and tested Joan's I Am Woman perfume and thinks her range would make the perfect mother's day gift
Simon has tried and tested Joan's I Am Woman perfume and thinks her range would make the perfect mother's day gift
Simon has tried and tested Joan's I Am Woman perfume and thinks her range would make the perfect mother's day gift

The press release states that: 'Joan believes that fragrance works in maximum effect when applied in layers'. It basically means that not only can you spritz yourself, but you can use the Essence as a room scent or bath fragrance. Just to get a bit technical too, ingredients such as lemon peel, orange zest, rose, jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood make up this scent.
You can just picture Joan dousing herself in this. This is exactly how I imagine her to smell. And I love it! I almost forgot to mention the brilliant Contra Time Skincare Collection (£35) too. We are told, ‘Joan’s favourite skincare products in handy travel sizes to keep the most jet-set women looking flawless and fabulous all day, every day. A regime to cleanse, tone, moisturise day and night’.

And don’t they just sound fabulous? These are just the most perfect Mother’s Day gift!
Read more from Simon on his blog


 Joan Collins Timeless Beauty........

Joan Collins chats to Imogen Edwards-Jones about her new beauty range, the importance of good skincare and how mere mortals can learn the art of glamour
Congratulations on your new skincare and make-up range, how did it come about?
Thank you! I have always had a passion for beauty and this has been a dream of mine for many, many years. I truly believe that, with the right products and helpful tips and techniques, every woman can look good, whatever her age.
Acquiring and keeping beautiful skin, and the transformational power of cosmetics, have fascinated me since I was a teenager. All through my life in film, stage and television I have been lucky to have had access to the very best in the fields of skincare and make-up.  I wanted to share that knowledge.
How much involvement have you had with it? And you are pleased with the results?
I am so passionate about beauty and really wanted this line to reflect all of the amazing experiences I have accumulated, so I made sure I was heavily involved in the creation. Rather than select from a limited range of colours or products, I gave input on everything from shades and textures to design. It took 50 fragrance samples until I found the right one! And the luxurious packaging is inspired by Art Deco, my favourite design period. Every product has a little bit of me in it and I am very pleased with the results.
Is it specifically designed for the older woman, or can a glam-starved 40-something join in as well?
I believe it is never too early or too late to start caring for your skin and appearance. Joan Collins Timeless Beauty is designed for someone that wants to look as good as they possibly can, no matter what their age. Never have I allowed myself to be defined by age!
This is why my CONTRA TIME skincare range, starting from £25-£40, includes seven complex ingredients that help to shield skin from things that can harm it, reverse the signs of ageing and delay future signs of advancing years by stimulating cells with the energy of young cells. The shielding element is ideal for younger skin types whilst the reverse action will be appreciated by more mature skin types. I also have a range of colours in my cosmetics line, for example the bright pink Fontaine lipstick, £18, might suit my younger audience whilst the deep, burgundy Alexis lipstick, £18, my older audience.
I gather you were given make-up tips by the master (Marilyn Monroe's make-up artist, Allan 'Whitey" Snyder). What three fail-safes did he share with you?
Yes, I used to watch him do Marilyn’s make-up in Hollywood and I would absorb his knowledge like a sponge. He taught me that beauty starts with the skin – your skincare regime should be as much a part of your daily routine as brushing your teeth. A balanced diet is also important for the skin - I believe eating avocados is very beneficial (I have included avocado butter in several of my skincare products). Also, always keep eyebrow pencils sharp as a pin and use blusher for an instant make-up rejuvenator.
Since then you have always done your own make-up - Dynasty days included. Apart from keeping a steady hand, how would you suggest the rest of us look so fabulous?  
Yes, I now do my make-up in ten minutes, faster and better than anyone else I know. I realised that no one is born glamorous, but practically anyone can develop glamour. All you need to do is learn what suits you and your individual style. I love to play around with make up to develop new looks.
You are clearly very disciplined when it comes to diet, exercise and general maintenance; what is a Joan Collins treat?
I love chocolate – milk chocolate truffles and a Snickers bar of course! When we were children my sister Jackie and I were given chocolate only occasionally as a treat and I still feel that it’s a treat today.
I have been told you can still do the splits! So can I! Although mine are more usually a New Year's Eve trick after three glasses of champagne. When was the last time you did them?
I last did the splits in my One Woman Show, and likely to do them in my One Woman Show in Barbados on 22nd March. 
You always look so poised and glamorous. Do you think that the younger generation should make more of an effort and stop dressing too comfortably?
I believe that no one is born glamorous, but practically anyone can develop glamour. Clothes are important but it has more to do with a particular assurance and self-possession, as well as a touch of mystique. For me, the movie stars from the thirties and forties possess glamour in spades – this is why I called one of my Glorious Gloss lipglosses Ava, £18, after Ava Gardner. I also think the eighties fashions were glorious – I do wish some more of that glamour would return.
You were obviously blessed with good genes - you were so delectable as a baby your mother had to put a 'Do Not Kiss' sign above your pram. What advice would you give to us lesser- mortals about making the best of ourselves?   
It is possible to be glamorous with all the tricks of special lighting, couture gowns and professional ‘stylists’. All you need to do is learn what looks good on you and focus on your individual style. The Duchess of Cambridge is a case in point – extremely glamorous yet she styles herself and dresses brilliantly. With classic outfits, excellent grooming and a strong sense of self, practically any woman can become known for her style.
Is there any question to which red lipstick is NOT the answer?
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Monday, March 17, 2014


"Dynasty’s" Alexis Carrington
This ’80s diva should be everyone’s fashion muse. posted on
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You should always know the power of the shoulder pad!

Remember: The bigger the shoulder pad, the closer to God.


2. Nothing says “I will destroy your company and sleep with your husband,” like shoulder wings.

Nothing says "I will destroy your company and sleep with your husband," like shoulder wings.                         

3. An Italian cigarette makes the best accessory when cussing out a sworn enemy.

19 Impeccable Style Tips From "Dynasty's" Alexis Carrington
4. If you’re going to be arrested, make sure you do it in a ball gown.
If you're going to be arrested, make sure you do it in a ball gown.                         
Jeans are for TRASH.

5. Know how to work a hat -— no matter how ridiculous it looks.


6. When it comes to fur, you should be giving Cruella de Ville a run for her money.

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7. And don’t forget the matching fur hat.

And don't forget the matching fur hat.                         

Basically, at all times you should like an extra from Doctor Zhivago.



Lara Antipov, eat your heart out.

8. Also, your lingerie should be covered in fur too…

Also, your lingerie should be covered in fur too...                         

9. …or, at the very least, feathers.


10. There is no such thing as too many accessories…

There is no such thing as too many accessories...                         

11. …or too much sparkle!

...or too much sparkle!                         
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Yes, you want to look like a figure skater.

12. When in doubt add some ruffles to your dress…

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13. …or weird embroidery. This is the best way to confuse your sworn enemies with glamour.

...or weird embroidery. This is the best way to confuse your sworn enemies with glamour.                         

14. This is the only way you should look when taking a nap:

This is the only way you should look when taking a nap:                         
Sweatpants are for TRASH.

15. Nothing adds more drama than a veil.

ABC Television Group
ABC Television Group


19 Impeccable Style Tips From "Dynasty's" Alexis Carrington
16. Just because you’re laid up in the hospital doesn’t mean you can slouch on the glamour.
Just because you're laid up in the hospital doesn't mean you can slouch on the glamour.                         

17. And this is especially true of bathtubs.

And this is especially true of bathtubs.                         
Perfectly made up hair and makeup? Check.

18. There is nothing more glamorous than gold lamé.

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19. But the most important style tip: Always look fabulous, even when you’re getting slapped.