Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Joan Collins Plays Detective in a New Miss Marple TV Thriller

Joan Collins and Julia McKenzie (left) star together in the Agatha Christie thriller "They Do It With Mirrors" due to air on New Year's Day on ITV in the United Kingdom.  Check your local listings on www.itv.com for showtimes.

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mcmorrowm said...

Joan brings a touch of old school glamour to the latest feature length episode of Marple. One could easily see her board the Orient Express or sail down the Nile, if and when they decide to remake other Agatha Christie classics! Previous versions of this story starred other legends of the screen , Bette Davis and Helen Hayes for American television and Joan Hickson and Jean Simmons for BBC, with Faith Brook in the role,Joan plays in this. Brook appeared in Joan's hit 80's mini series "Sins". Julia McKenzie takes over the role of Miss Marple with great ease and makes her less an eccentric comedy character, than some previous players. "They Do It With Mirrors", cracking suspense, with a sparkling cast. Who says they don't who-dunnit like that anymore?