Friday, January 22, 2010

Liz Smith: Joan Collins' New 'Fetish'

"Liz, do you mind if we cut this short? See, I’m babysitting my five-year-old grandchild, and we just made sugar cookies!" This is one of the world’s most famous stars, escaping an interview to attend to family business. Babysitting? Sugar cookies? I bet you think it’s Julie Andrews. Wrong. This cookie-baking granny is … Joan Collins. Yep, the sultry siren herself. Miss Collins explained she was home in glitzy Los Angeles with her granddaughter because her son, the artist Sacha Newley, was off at a big exhibition of his work.

When I laughed and said how surprised the world would be to find her in such normal circumstances, Joan sighed a little.

"I know, you’re right, but honestly I’ve never understood the public perception – especially aimed at women stars – that we’re somehow incapable of raising our children or tending to our homes. I’ve raised three children, I’ve taken care of four houses. Years ago, the writer 
Art Buchwald did a story on me, titled A Most Peculiar Mother – he couldn’t understand the dichotomy of a so-called ‘glamorous’ woman raising a family. I found his article peculiar!"...

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