Saturday, December 18, 2010

Joan Collins: Do I love my first panto? Oh YES I do!

When I was a little girl, Christmas was always a thrill — but the years when my father Joe booked his variety acts into pantomime shows were even more exciting.
He was a theatrical agent and during those special Christmases his acts would showcase their panto turns in the living room of our flat in Great Portland Street, central London.  I would be allowed to watch only if I was seen, but not heard; a common rule for children of my generation.

It was magical to see these performers at these early rehearsals —despite the fact they were stumbling over their lines, book in hand and often quivery voiced at the piano.  When I finally went to their pantomimes, they were transformed into fairy-tale princesses, dastardly villains, red-nosed comedians and, of course, everyone’s favourite — the dame.
When someone whom I clearly knew to be a man in my living room turned into a matronly woman on stage, I admit it confused me somewhat.

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