Monday, April 25, 2011

Confessions of a Hollywood bride: My favourite celebrity weddings, from Bogart and Bacall to Taylor and Burton

By Joan Collins

I guess I know a thing or two about weddings. As I told Ivana Trump when she asked if I would be one of her 25 bridesmaids at her last nuptials: “Darling, I’m afraid I can’t – you see I’m always the bride, never the bridesmaid.” I’ve been wed five times and although that seems a lot I discount two marriages.
After all, I started when I was 18, because in those days a young girl got married and did not sleep around. I had admired the photograph of 18-year-old Elizabeth Taylor a couple of years previously at her marriage to hotel heir Nick Hilton. How pure and virginal she looked in her satin gown, and obviously madly in love.

The shot is among a selection of wedding photographs of Hollywood stars from the Twenties onwards, in a forthcoming book entitled Weddings and Movie Stars.

But the marriage was not to last. A few months later my Aunt Pauline told me she had been on the beach in Cannes where the Hiltons were honeymooning and had seen a miserable Elizabeth sitting alone while her new groom preferred spending his days gambling at the casino. Needless to say the union lasted less than a year, but she went on to have seven more!

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