Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Clare Balding learns wedding date after Joan Collins pops the question
TV host Clare Balding is set to marry her partner Alice Arnold in 2016 — but the announcement came as news to her.
 Balding was named best presenter for her work on the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics at the Glamour Women Of The Year Awards.
The event last night came shortly after the House of Lords backed Government plans for same-sex marriage — and the broadcaster, 42, used her acceptance speech to applaud the impending change in legislation.
But she only learned that her partner has a date in mind for their wedding when asked by actress Joan Collins.
Balding said: “The House of Lords voted two to one in favour of supporting the gay marriage bill. We’ve been talking about it at our table, and Joan said, ‘When are you and Alice going to get married?’
“And Alice said, ‘In three years’ time’ — which I didn’t know but apparently that’s what’s happening. And Joan asked if she could come to the wedding. I said, ‘Yeah, of course’.”

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