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Joan Collins

On famous friends and why she hates selfies!

What can audiences expect from your one-woman show?
“It encompasses stories from my life, about people I’ve met in Hollywood, like Bette Davis and Paul Newman and many others, interspersed with fun movie and TV clips. There’s a Q&A section, too. My husband Percy is the director and he wrote it, based on my memoirs.”
You’re notably candid about hard times, such as divorces and financial problems, too.  
“Yes, I think people welcome that because, for the majority of people, life isn’t easy. People who are in the public eye have just as many personal problems as people who aren’t; family problems, health problems, money problems. Just because one is well known, that doesn’t go away.”
You’re famous for having the intangible quality of being ‘glamorous’. What does glamour mean to you?
“It most definitely has to do with make-up. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone over the age of 20 who I thought was glamorous, who didn’t wear make-up. It doesn’t have to be tons, but definitely lipstick. Lipstick is the most glamorous cosmetic. And I don’t like shiny faces, I like powder. But people can be glamorous without wearing sequins and feathers.”
So, who is  the most glamorous person you’ve met?
“Grace Kelly. She was exceedingly well groomed. I met her a few times in the south of France and she would wear a twin set and pearls, with beautifully done hair and very elegant make-up. Marilyn Monroe wasn’t looking particularly glamorous the day I met her. She was in a mohair sweater and her hair was rather mussy and she was very shy. We had a nice chat. I tell the story in my show.”
Are there better roles for older women  than there used to be?
“Definitely. I don’t know how old Cate Blanchett is [she’s 44], but she gives a stellar performance in Blue Jasmine. Helen Mirren never stops working, neither does Judi Dench or Meryl Streep. I think there is a move to embrace older people on screen. A lot of people are fed up with  movies that are just car chases and shootings and blood and swearing.”
You have a big Twitter following. What makes a good tweet?
“Don’t post selfies. I might post a photo of me with somebody,  I think that’s OK, but never just endless selfies. ”
You’ve been married to your fifth husband Percy for 12 years. Why is this the marriage that worked?
“It helps that we collaborate so closely on everything, including our work. He’s kind, funny and loved by all –  my children and grandchildren adore him.”
One Night With Joan is at the Leicester Square Theatre from 2 - 9 February.

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