From hanging out with Marlon Brando to the best croque-monsieur in London and staying young forever, the ageless icon lets Bella Blissett in on the secrets of her jet set lifestyle

What are you wearing today?
I’m in L.A. and it’s 75˚ – I’m in shorts and a T-shirt!
The secret to style is…
Classic, flattering outfits, excellent grooming and a strong sense of self.
If we were to walk into your wardrobe we would see…
Lots of vintage looks from the ‘80s and ‘90s, mixed with high street and today’s designers. I always feel elegant and modern when I mix pieces up.
When you want to make an entrance at a Christmas party, you wear…
Anything with sparkles.
And what would you drink there?
Either a vodka martini, which has few calories, or white or rosé wine.
Living, dead or fictional character – who’d be on the guest list for your dream soirée?
Some Hollywood icons – Ava Gardner, Elizabeth Taylor, Vivien Leigh and Marilyn, of course. Also Gene Kelly – he was so wonderful to me when I first moved to Hollywood. I’d hang out with him, Marlon Brando and Paul Newman at his house.
Eyes or lips?
Both! Lipstick is the most glamorous of cosmetics, and well-applied make up can totally enhance eyes. By choosing the right shades and blending properly, anyone can make their eyes look bigger and more dramatic.
Ah yes, you launched your own, Joan Collins Timeless Beauty range earlier this year. Who taught you about beauty?
I’ve always taken an interest in beauty, even as a young girl, but I really learnt the most when I moved to Hollywood, aged 21. Marilyn Monroe’s make-up artist, Allan ‘Whitey’ Snyder taught me to keep my eyebrow pencils as sharp as a pin as well as how to blend my base to sculpt my face.
January is traditionally the time we all want to lose weight. How do you stay in shape?
I try to eat a balanced diet. I believe eating avocados, salmon, broccoli, almonds, eggs and dried apricots is very beneficial and I take Vitamin C, E and Omega oil supplements. I also exercise three times a week.
What’s the secret to having body confidence?
Keep healthy, look after yourself and wear what brings out your best features.
What one piece of advice would you give to your younger self?
You will never be as young and good-looking as you are today!
Why did you decide to launch Joan Collins Timeless Beauty?
I believe that looking good and feeling great is the right of every woman, and, with the right products and some clever techniques, any woman can look, and feel, fabulous.
What inspired you when blending I AM WOMAN…Are there any scents from your past that always conjure powerful memories for you?
It actually took about 50 sample tests before I was happy with I AM WOMAN! Fragrance identifies a woman. It has the power to inspire and seduce and make people remember you. The citrus, sensual musk and woody base is a declaration of power.
What’s your beauty philosophy?
Your skin is the biggest organ of your body – take care of it. And it’s never to late to add some glamour!
What’s your morning and nighttime beauty ritual?
I believe that it’s essential to shield the face from UV rays, so I called my own Timeless Beauty moisturiser the ‘Sun Hat’ Day Cream SPF15. I apply it religiously every morning. At night, I make sure that I thoroughly cleanse my skin, as I have always been passionate – some might say obsessive – about looking after my skin.
What are you working on right now?
At the moment I’m busy deciding which products to bring out next with my Timeless Beauty range. I have also been filming the new TV show, The Royals. I’m also appearing in my One Woman Show in Las Vegas this winter and writing a new novel.
How do you balance life with work?
I try to spend time with my children and grandchildren as often as possible, in St Tropez especially. And I catch up with friends whenever I’m in town – be that London, New York or LA.
Favourite spa in London and the country – and what treatments do you have there?
When I’ve been standing up at events or just flown long haul to London I like to pop into The Nail Loft at Urban Retreat for a manicure or pedicure and foot massage.
Natural facial or needles all the way?
Natural facial – I hate needles!
What’s your favourite London restaurant – and what should we eat there?
Colbert in London for brunch- they have the best croque-monsieur. I also love The Wolseley and San Lorenzo.
Are you a good cook…what’s your signature dish?
Although I love to eat out, I can cook and make a fabulous spaghetti Bolognese.
What books are currently on your bedside table?
Too many to count – I’m writing one right now.
Any guilty TV pleasures?
My schedule is always so hectic and one of my favourite ways to relax is to lie on my bed and watch movies or great TV shows like Breaking Bad or Happy Valley.
We can barely imagine it, but Joan Collins ever lounge about the house?
Oh yes! I’ll wear something comfortable like black or grey cashmere trousers with a loose sweater.
Your perfect cosy weekend would include…
Seeing my family, catching up with my children and grandchildren is very important to me, also reading and going to the theatre or cinema. I love old films but I also try to see most new releases.
Country or town?
As well as my apartment in London, I have a home in St Tropez. I always find it has a magical charm – it’s the most dazzling, glamorous and exciting place. I go there to totally relax.
Secret talent? I’m a good interior decorator and constantly move things around in all my homes.
Food vice…Caviar and chocolate truffles.
Always in your handbag… My Paparazzi Ready Compact Duo. It looks so good that I get compliments from other women, and men too!
In three words you are… I asked my husband – energetic, multi-tasking and loyal.
Greatest inspiration in life… Winston Churchill and the Queen.
Love is…. Wonderful, special, crazy –and the best way to lose weight!
Tell us a secret about Joan Collins… I enjoy supermarket shopping!