Monday, April 26, 2010

Read Joan Collins' Article in the Daily Mail: Why is our reality TV so vulgar and boring?

This weekend, around 11 million people sat down to watch Britain's Got Talent as another parade of frankly odd people exhibited themselves on the stage in the hope of convincing the judges they have what it takes to be a star, as if they knew the real meaning of the word.

Lest we forget, the motley crew included former porn star fire-eater Tia Brodie, who performed topless while passing naked flames over her body, a guitar-playing dog and a cross-dressing Lady Gaga impersonator.

For supposedly Saturday night family viewing, it was an unedifying display to say the least - and there's no shortage of wannabes who are desperate to run the gauntlet of humiliation in the hope of finding that elusive moment in the limelight. Read Joan Collins' article in the Daily Mail online.

Read Joan Collins' full article in the Daily Mail online.

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