Sunday, August 1, 2010

2010 New York City International Film Festival Screens "Fetish" on Monday, August 16th

Buy your tickets now to see Joan Collins' newest film, "Fetish".

Joan Collins returns to the silver screen in a delicious, dark independent movie entitled "Fetish," which is included in the 2010 New York City International Film Festival on August 16th at 7:45PM.
A fearless actress, Joan has always been a risk taker with her career.  In this movie, she worked with a fresh and talented group of new filmmakers.  
The screenplay for "Fetish" was written by Charles Casillo, who is the author of  the novels "The Fame Game" and "The Marilyn Diaries."  The story revolves around an iconic actress on the skids, making a play for a comeback with a late night talk show host.  In an interview with Liz Smith, Joan has described the project as "Twilight Zone" meets "Sunset Boulevard" meets "David Letterman."
In "Fetish," Joan appears opposite Charles Casillo, who also wrote and acted in the independent feature film "Let Me Die Quietly" which was met with much acclaim in last year's film festival circuit.

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