Friday, August 6, 2010

Joan Collins: My goodness, how spoilt children are these days...and that includes my lovely grandchildren

Never had it so good: Joan Collins with (from left) daughter Tara, granddaughter Miel, daughter Katy, husband Percy and grandson WestonGone are the days when children were seen and not heard; these days children are frequently seen and heard all too vociferously.  Within the space of a mere generation, it seems that children have been catapulted into the realm of top dog, and helmsman of the household.  Every summer holiday, I find myself surrounded by my young grandchildren and I marvel at the way their parents seem to minister to their every need. 

The quiet of my rural idyll in the hills of the South of France is punctuated by the sound of children’s voices raised high above the entreating voices of their parents, who follow them around the pool and garden with a suppliant air...

Read the full article in the Daily Mail online here.

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