Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fans in North America: Joan Collins' "Monte Carlo" and "Sins" Receive Official DVD Releases on 6-21-11

Good news for Joan Collins fans in North America!  "Monte Carlo" and "Sins" each receive official DVD releases this summer.

Monte Carlo:  A made-for-TV miniseries set during World War II, Monte Carlo features a Russian singer (Joan Collins) who works in the French city.  She moonlights, however, as an Allied spy to retaliate against the Nazis who murdered her husband.

Sins:  Young Helene Junot (Joan Collins) witnesses the death of her mother at the hands of Nazis.  Separated from her brother, Edmund, by the war, Helene goes to work at the chateau of the Count De Ville.  There she falls in love with his son, to the Count's objection.  She leaves for Paris where she becomes a fashion model and moves up the ladder of success, even becoming the mistress of her former employer. As she builds a magazine empire, Helene looks for her lost brother and seeks justice for her family. Along the way, she makes many enemies who band together to destroy her.

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