Monday, April 11, 2011

Joan Collins and Raquel Welch the seventy-something sirens show younger starlets how to glam it up

When Joan Collins bemoaned the lack of glamour in modern Hollywood last year, she caused something of an outrage.  But never let it be said that the indefatigable Brit doesn't put her money where her mouth is, because the 77-year-old is prepared to tackle the problem single-handedly.  Not that she had to at the Beverly Hilton on Saturday, where she attended the the John Wayne Cancer Institute's 26th Odyssey Ball, however, because she was ably abetted by Raquel Welch, 70. 
In red and cream gowns respectively, Welch and Collins laid on a veritable masterclass on how to look glamorous.  It would've made their late friend, the late Elizabeth Taylor, proud. Both women accessorised their stunning floor-length gowns with tiny clutch bags - the ultimate in impractical glamour because you can't fit anything into them.  And their impeccably made up faces were framed by big hair and the kind of chandelier earrings associated with Collins' tenure in Dynasty.

Read more the full article in the Daily Mail online.

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