Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Joan Collins to the rescue: Brutally honest actress spells out how to put Britain back on its feet

Whether it’s the death of chivalry or the rise of yob culture, Joan Collins despairs of the modern world. Pulling no punches and with no nod to political correctness, the veteran actress vents her spleen in her brutally honest and wickedly funny new book The World According To Joan. In Part One of our exclusive serialisation, Joan attacks liberal parenting and fears for the future of a generation growing up with no work ethic or positive role models.

Gone are the days when children were seen and not heard. Within the space of a generation, it seems that kids have been catapulted into the realm of top-dog and helmsman of the household,  while parents and teachers are now relegated to the lowest of the low.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being with my young grandchildren, especially during the summer holidays when we’re all gathered at my villa in France. But I’m less than thrilled at the way my own children seem to minister to their children’s every need.  During the holidays, the quiet of my rural idyll is punctuated by the demanding sound of the Rugrats’ voices raised high above the entreating voices of their parents, who seem to follow them around in helpless supplication.

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