Wednesday, August 24, 2011

UK riots: 'A curse on Britain's yobs and slobs', says Joan Collins

Never one to mince her words, Joan Collins uses her brilliantly incendiary new book, The World According To Joan, to unleash her rage at the state of modern Britain. Here, in our second exclusive extract, Joan rails against the rise of yob culture and the loss of the good manners that once defined us as a nation.

There are so many aspects of British life today that depress me: the decline in manners, the proliferation of badly dressed people, our obesity crisis, the lack of respect shown to our older citizens and the menacing yob culture that seems to rule our society, as evinced by the recent terrifying riots, arson and looting.   

I expect I will be criticised for saying exactly what I think about these issues, but I'm sure, too, that I express many of the views of a silent majority in Britain today.  My heart goes out to all the ordinary, decent people who work hard to make something of their lives for themselves and their children, and who pay their taxes uncomplainingly.  They're the ones, as Marilyn Monroe once said, who are getting 'the fuzzy end of the lollipop'.

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