Thursday, August 25, 2011

Botox? No, it's sex that'll keep you looking young, Joan Collins reveals

From her early days as a Hollywood starlet through to her role as the indomitable Alexis Carrington in Dynasty, Joan Collins has always been the epitome of style and glamour.  Here, in the third extract from her new book The World According to Joan, she explains why age should never be a barrier to looking good and feeling great...

When Marilyn Monroe walked out on Fox Studios in Hollywood in 1955, a film role that she had been lined up for fell to little ol’ me instead.  I was 21, it was my first major movie, and I was to play the most beautiful girl in New York.  During rehearsals one day I strolled into the cafeteria for lunch wearing jeans, T-shirt and not a scrap of make-up.  Richard Fleischer, the director, saw me and threw his hands in the air.  ‘Oh my God!’ he said. ‘You look hideous. You should always appear in public with full make-up, a nice dress and white gloves, otherwise you’ll never get anywhere in this business.’  I was shocked. But when I chatted to some of the other starlets later, they agreed that I was a bit scruffy and that I could do with more glamour. It’s a lesson I took to heart.

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