Friday, August 26, 2011

The world according to Joan Collins: Never wed a man who is richer than you (or wears mascara)

My generation was the first to view (and sometimes welcome) divorce as an acceptable alternative. We were fed up with the patronising options our mothers had put up with — abusive, belittling or cheating men, and men who treated them like Stepford wives. But a side-effect of our willingness to divorce was that we lost the concept of fighting to stay together.  I like men — that much should be fairly obvious. As an incurable romantic, I still believe that marriage and commitment are high on the list of the most important things in life. I believe most women try to choose a mate for life.  Unfortunately, many men don’t seem to be on our emotional wavelength and shy away from marriage. There is a saying ‘Why buy the cake when you can have a slice for free?’ and I think that most men can’t be bothered to go that step further if they’re already sleeping with their girlfriends.

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